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Newcastle Apartment Sprinkler Save

7 January 2022 @ 11:38 pm

  • FRS: Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service
  • Date of Incident 7 January 2022
  • Time of call 23:38
  • Occupancy: Purpose built block of flats
  • Location of fire: Kitchen
  • Ignition source: Careless disposal of smoking materials
  • Number of heads actuated: 1
  • Residential Sprinkler System

Tyne and Wear Fire Rescue Service have reported the above-mentioned incident involving the mobilisation of Three pumping appliances, Aerial ladder platform. On arrival crews identified that the fire had been successfully suppressed by the actuation of only 1 sprinkler head keeping fire, smoke damage to a minimum. No injuries were reported with the occupants safely evacuating the premises before operational crews arrived.

Careless disposal of smoking materials, identified as the cause of ignition discarded in a bin bag, which had set fire to the waste materials within

Group Manager Ian Bell, Head of Fire Safety, said: “This incident shows how important it is to make sure cigarettes are fully extinguished and cooled before disposing of them. “It’s also as important to have a working smoke/fire alarm and if you need one fitted you can get in touch via our website and we will come fit them in your home. “Sprinklers play a major part in fire safety, especially in residential accommodation where it can save lives and reduce the likelihood of injuries from fire and smoke.

“Your Homes Newcastle, who manage the property, have committed to installing sprinklers in all new housing accommodation and are retrofitting sprinklers in other properties. “The cost for the remediation work following this fire was minimal. It also negated the need to find alternative accommodation for the occupier.”

Chronicle Live reported that David Langhorne, Assets and Development Director at Your Homes Newcastle (YHN), said: “There is no doubt that having the sprinkler suppression system installed at this property has significantly reduced the impact of this fire.

“Without the suppression system, the flat was minutes away from being significantly damaged and the occupants’ belongings being destroyed.

“I’d like to thank the firefighters for their professionalism and support. They liaised with YHN staff at the premises and checked over the flat to ensure the fire was fully extinguished.

This incident clearly identifies the benefits of installing sprinklers as part of a holistic approach providing a further layer of safety from fire for residents including:

  • Flash over prevented, fire contained to compartment of origin
  • Tenable conditions maintained allowing the occupants to safely evacuate the apartment before the arrival of the FRS
  • Fire suppressed, contained before the arrival of the FRS
  • No injuries reported
  • Business continuity, repair costs kept to a minimum, rehousing of the tenants avoided

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7 January 2022
11:38 pm


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