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Leicestershire Shopping Retail Park Sprinkler Activation

2 March 2023 @ 9:15 am - 9:42 am

  • Fire Rescue Service; Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service (LFRS)
  • Incident; Fire
  • When; 2 March 2023
  • Time of call; 09:15
  • Time of stop;09:42
  • Where, Leicester
  • Occupancy; Shopping unit
  • Automatic fire suppression System; Commercial sprinkler system

Leicestershire| Fire & Rescue Service have reported the following 3 pump fire involving an out-of-town shopping retail park unit resulting in the activation of the premises commercial sprinkler system.


  • On arrival operational crews identified
  1. The premises emergency action plan had been implemented following the activation of the premises fire alarm.
  2. Smoke percolating from a ground floor storeroom.
  • Upon implementation of the operational tactical plan, breathing apparatus crew were committed to locate, extinguish the fire using firefighting media.
  • Upon entry within the storeroom , firefighters observed the activation of the sprinkler system which assisted in containing, controlling the fire.
  • The stop message was sent to brigade control 09:42
  • It was established that the seat of the fire involved a white goods refrigeration unit activating one sprinkler head.
  • Fire/smoke, damage was contained to the room of origin.
  • No injuries were reported.

Sprinkler System

  • Annex F System
  • Duplicate water supplies
  • Designed to OH3
  • Dedicated storage tank.


  • Due to the time of the incident the fire rescue service were not delayed accessing the premises, allowing the operational tactical plan to be immediately implemented.
  • Outcome, successful conclusion to the incident with only minor fire/smoke damage reported within the compartment of origin, demonstrating the benefits of sprinklers for firefighter safety, business continuity.
  • However, if this incident took place out of hours with the premises not protected by a sprinkler system the outcome would have been so much different. Access to the premises for the FRS would have been severely delayed, the outcome allowing a relatively small fire developing to a major fire resulting in severe fire damage or even loss of the retail unit.

Source, Leicestershire live.

The fire service spokesman said: “The cause of the fire was accidental. It was started by an electrical fault in a refrigeration unit in a storeroom.” He added that none of the store’s stock was damaged in the blaze, with the damage limited to the area of the refrigeration unit.

Sprinklers are the only active fire measure.

  1. Which detects a fire
  2. Provides audible warning.
  • Contains, controls or extinguishes a fire.

Business Continuity, the inclusion of fire sprinklers

  • Prevent major financial and equipment losses for UK Businesses
  • Offer business owners technology which reduces risk to life and degree of damage caused in the event of a fire
  • Increase resilience to fire incidents controlling/extinguishing a fire before the arrival of the FRS
  • Reduce the impact from fire on business allowing the business to be back up and running within a short period of time.

Importance of Management

  • Is paramount ensuring the premises fire safety systems are operable in the event of a fire including sprinklers, fire alarm system, dry/wet risers, smoke extraction units and fire curtains. To highlight this, London Fire Brigade published an open letter in 2020, to those responsible for fire safety in shopping centres. Highlighting the importance of maintaining fire safety systems including the premises sprinkler system

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2 March 2023
9:15 am - 9:42 am