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A Picture Paints A Thousand Words, Tall Building Kitchen Fire Activation

25 June 2023

Images credit Triangle Fire Systems Limited

  • Fire Rescue Service; West Midlands Fire Rescue Service (WMFRS)
  • Incident; Kitchen Fire
  • Date of Incident 25 June 2023
  • Where, Birmingham
  • Use of premises; Purpose built residential block of flats.
  • Fixed Installation; BS9251:2014

On the 26 June 2023, Triangle fire systems were called to reinstate the residential sprinkler system following a kitchen fire on the 11th floor of a residential block of flats following the activation of one sidewall sprinkler head. (VK480) The system was back on back online within 45mins of their arrival.

Birmingham council should be applauded for their continued commitment to providing its residents with the highest level of fire safety by retrofitting sprinklers in all their high-rise residential block of flats.

The specification, design of the residential sprinkler system (BS9251:2014) for each individual premises was bespoke which included but not limited to

  • Category 2/3
  • VK48o Sprinkler heads
  • Water supply 60-minute tank (16000L)

Enhancements: –

  1. Dual Pumps
  2. Back-up power supply diesel generator
  • FRS inlet
  • Remote monitoring

The images taken following this fire clearly reinforce the benefits of sprinklers for tall building fires.


Images credit Triangle Fire Systems Limited

  • The fire was contained to the compartment of origin by the activation of 1 sidewall sprinkler head.
  • Heat /fire damage was limited to the area in the vicinity of the kitchen wall unit directly above the source of ignition.
  • The water spray from the activated sidewall sprinkler head was partially obstructed (Shielded fire) by the kitchen wall unit located directly above the heat source, which didn’t impact the operational efficiency of the sprinkler system.

This incident clearly reinforces the data contained within the BAFSA Incident Data Report No 3 that inside the flats of purpose-built flats, the Kitchen start location accounted for the highest number of incidents where sprinklers were recorded as having been involved or actuated.


Table 1. Breakdown, Impact of sprinklers following activation.

Source: -FOI Requests for Incident Recording System Data relating to primary fires attended by FRSs in which sprinklers were present for England, Scotland, and Wales for the financial years 2018/19 to 2020/21


25 June 2023


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