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Scotland Care Home Sprinkler Activation

18 June 2023 @ 8:39 pm - 10:39 pm

Image credit Discovery Fire Sprinklers

  • Fire Recue Service; Scottish Fire & Rescue Service (SFRS)
  • Incident; Fire, white goods appliance
  • When; 18 June 2023
  • TOC; 20:39
  • Where; Dunblane Scotland
  • Type of Premises; Residential Care Home
  • Automatic fire suppression System: BS9251


  • Discovery Fire Sprinklers/SFRS have reported the above-mentioned incident involving a white goods appliance (tumble dryer) which caught fire in the premises laundry room located on the ground floor
  • The premises consists of 2 floors providing accommodation for up to 14 adults which is of stone-built construction.
  • Three fire appliances were mobilised by SFRS, committing a team of 4 Breathing Apparatus for firefighting and ventilation purposes on arrival.
  • Firefighting media consisted of one hose reel jet

It was identified that the fire was contained to the room of origin by the activation of one concealed sprinkler head which actuated containing/controlling the fire before the arrival of the SFRS.

The cause of the fire was due to the appliance overheating due to the build-up of lint, no injuries were reported.

Sprinkler Installation details

  • Installed to BS9251:14
  • Category 3
  • Sprinkler head, Rapid drop RD208
  • Water Supply tank/pump


  • image 1:- activation of sprinkler head with cover plate detached from its housing
  • Image 2 Sprinkler head replaced with cover plate visible

Images credit Discovery Fire Sprinklers images

The benefits of the sprinkler systems clearly identified for this incident:

  • Fire was suppressed, contained to the room of origin, preventing flash over.
  • The safety of firefighters reinforced, providing firefighters time to implement their tactical action plan.
  • Staff provided with extra time to implement the premises emergency action plan.

The images clearly indicate the benefits of passive, active fire protection measures working in unison for this incident.

  1. Sprinklers
  • Minor smoke stains sustained to the room of origin with a slight burn visible on the vinyl floor directly below where the appliance was positioned.
  • Sprinkler head visible following the successful operation, detachment of the cover plate.
  • Sprinkler pattern visible at ceiling level.
  1. Fire door
  • Slight smoke stains to the inside of the door, positive self-closing device fitted, indicating the door was closed at the time of the fire,
  1. Automatic Fire Detection
  • Detector head located directly above the seat of the fire.

This is the second reported fire to SPRINKLER SAVES UK involving a residential care home within 17 months involving a tumble dryer which caught fire in the premises laundry room. The fire was contained to the room of origin by the residential sprinkler system which actuated suppressing the fire before the arrival of NFRS. No injuries were reported. Full details of this incident can be found by clicking the Wellingborough residential care home sprinkler save in the links section.


Following the tragic events of The Rosepark Care Home Fire in Uddingstom, South Lanarkshire in 2004 that sadly killed 14 residents, Scotland responded by making the installation of sprinklers mandatory in all new care homes. Unfortunately, in England there is no requirement for the installation of sprinklers to protect the most vulnerable residents from fire.

However, BAFSA strongly welcomes the recent government consultation published on the 23 December 20222 proposal to recommend residential sprinklers in new care homes as part of this consultation process, we would encourage government to support the mandatory retrofitting of sprinklers in existing care homes for England.

New Grange Care Home Fire, Sprinklers were not fitted

The danger of care home fires was clearly demonstrated following the Newgrange Care Home Fire 2017 highlighted in the NFCC Sprinkler Toolkit as part of sprinkler week

In April 2017, a Cheshunt care home in Hertfordshire was the scene of a major fire. The fire broke out in the early hours of the morning The care home was occupied by 35 residents. Operational response required 12 fire engines and on arrival crews found residents in their rooms, many still in bed and unable to move due to their physical condition. Firefighters rescued 33 elderly and

immobile residents. Two residents died as a result of the fire.

If sprinklers had been fitted in this care home there is strong chance that no residents would have lost their lives. As a result of this fire the coroner raised concerns that sprinkler systems are not mandatory in care homes. Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service recommended sprinklers be installed. The home was rebuilt – without fire sprinklers installed.

Image credit HFRS

Source NFCC Sprinkler tool Kit





18 June 2023
8:39 pm - 10:39 pm


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