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 London Commercial Kitchen Activation

25 June 2023

  • Fire Rescue Service; London Fire Brigade
  • Incident; Kitchen Fire
  • Date of Incident; 25 June 2023
  • Time of call; 14:05
  • Where, London, Wandsworth
  • Use of premises; Commercial Public House/Wine Bar
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System (AFSS) Drencher

We often overlook successful kitchen activations that occur daily in the hospitality sector which successfully contain, control or even extinguisher the fire by the activation of the premises Automatic Fire Suppression Systems (AFSS).  The term Automatic Fire Suppression Systems covers a variety of suppression systems including systems designed specifically to protect commercial kitchens including wet chemical pre-engineered system.

The advantage of these systems compared to your traditional sprinkler system is that they are designed to protect commercial kitchen hoods, ducts and appliances from fire hazards tested on performance so that can extinguish restaurant cooking fires without splashing or re-igniting cooking grease.

Commercial kitchens are a key part of many hospitality businesses from restaurants, hotels, and cafes to public houses to name a few. The Impact of a fire can significantly result in loss of trade and associated income with the potential of catastrophic damage and potential longer-term closure of the premises. Therefore, the installation of these systems is paramount for business continuity.

The Incident

  • The fire involved a deep pan fryer which caught light activating the kitchen ¹drencher system which raised the alarm.
  • No fire spread was reported with damage sustained to the item first ignited.
  • No further firefighting was required following the arrival of the LFB.
  • No major impact on business continuity
  • No injuries reported.

 *Did you know the main causes of commercial kitchen fires?

  • The use of heated oils/fats and the risk of overheating due to human error or a faulty thermostatic control
  • Flames, sparks, or hot gases can ignite combustible deposits inside extract ducts.
  • Fault of failure of cooking equipment
  • Unattended cooking activities

BS5306 -0:20 Fire protection installations and equipment on premises.

  1. Further guidance on choosing the appropriate firefighting medium and type of system for any proposed installation can be found in the above-mentioned publication.
  2. The aim of this part of BS 5306 is to aid selection of the appropriate firefighting medium and type of system or equipment by describing the characteristics and most suitable applications of each
  3. Consideration has been given to the impact of firefighting media, including toxicity to people, effect of discharge on visibility, and danger of use on electrical equipment, in addition to factors such as monitoring, testing, maintenance and user responsibility.


25 June 2023