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North Wales Factory Fire Sprinkler Activation

5 January 2023

  • Fire Rescue Service; North Wales Fire Rescue Service (NWFRS)
  • Where; Wrexham
  • When; 5 January 2023
  • Type of incident; Accidental Fire
  • Time of call; 08:44
  • Occupancy; Industrial
  • Building; Factory
  • Type of premises; Garment Recycling Factory
  • Automatic fire suppression System; Fire Sprinklers

NWFRS have reported the above-mentioned fire involving a commercial conveyor belt which transports recycled materials for granulation (manufacturing process)


  • The seat of the fire was identified to involve the industrial granulator
  • Overheating due to friction involving the industrial rubber conveyor belt
  • Premises sprinkler system activated resulting in 2 pendent sprinkler heads actuating
  • Containing/controlling the fire prior to the arrival of NWFRS
  • 100 members of staff were evacuated with no injuries reported
  • Breathing apparatus team consisting of two wearers were committed to seat of the fire, extinguishing the fire using one hose reel jet
  • Fire damage contained to floor of origin consisting of
  • 20% Fire damage
  • 50% smoke damage
  • The Sprinkler System was interfaced with the fire detection and fire alarm system allowing the premises emergency plan to be implemented

Benefits of the sprinkler system

  • Contained/controlled the fire
  • Integrity of the means of escape, maintained
  • Rapidly reducing the rate of production of heat and smoke allowing the Fire Rescue Service crucial time to implement the operational tactical plan
  • Complete search and rescue operations by limiting fire development, which significantly reduces the risks to firefighters.

Business Continuity

  • This is the second reported fire within 7 months involving the premises commercial conveyor belt clearly demonstrating the benefits of sprinklers protecting factories with commercial sprinkler system.
  • Preventing a minor small fire from accelerating into a major fire
  • Minor disruption reported for the business
  • Severe damage, loss of earnings and ongoing disruption to the business was avoided




5 January 2023


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