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Gateshead, Warehouse Sprinkler Save including images/video

17 December 2021

  • Fire Rescue Service; Tyne and Wear Fire Rescue Service
  • Date of Incident; 17 December 2021
  • Time of Call 11:57
  • Occupancy; Warehouse
  • Ignition source; Propane powered forklift truck
  • EN BS12845 Sprinkler System with external pump house, external tank


  • The benefits of sprinklers clearly shown in the above images taken at the incident.
  • Dramatic footage of the sprinklers operating,  extinguishing the fire clearly demonstrated in the video below
  • Credit, images, video Tyne and Wear Fire Rescue Service 
  1. TWFRS have reported the following fire involving a propane gas-powered forklift truck involving several wooden pallets. Three sprinkler heads installed in the roof void actuated, extinguishing the fire before the arrival of TWFRS.

Without the Sprinkler System, there would have been significant damage to the business, potential risk of injury to members of staff, firefighters due to the risk of the propane gas-powered forklift truck cylinder exploding, the effect of which would of accelerated the fire allowing it to spread rapidly to the combustible materials located in proximity of the fire.

Business Continuity

This incident clearly demonstrates the benefits of business continuity by the installation of AFSS in Warehouse premises, demonstrating sprinklers are the most effective way of:

  • Protecting business from fire
  • Business interruption is minimal, compared to a non-sprinklered building
  • Ensuring jobs are not needlessly lost
  • Local community, environment is protected
  • Protecting firefighters
  • Demonstrating  that warehouse fires can be contained and extinguished.

It is reported that water egress was minimal, contained to the compartment of origin



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17 December 2021


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