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Doncaster Heated Curlers Sprinkler Save

26 April 2022 @ 11:54 am - 1:05 pm

  • Fire Rescue Service; South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (SYFRS)
  • Date of incident; 26 April 2022
  • Purpose group; Residential(dwellings) flat
  • Property Category; Purpose built flat 10 or more storeys
  • Type of Incident; Fire
  • Location of incident; First floor, bedroom
  • Time of incident; 11:54
  • Time of stop; 13:05
  • Suppression system; Wet Pipe (Sprinklers)
  • 1 fire sprinkler head actuated


SYFRS have reported the above-mentioned incident which took place at Hatfield House, Balby Bridge involving the the actuation of the residential sprinkler system, 1 fire sprinkler head actuated which successfully extinguished the fire before the arrival of SYFRS.

The cause of the fire was identified as a set of heated curlers left on the bedding which caught light, the resident tried to extinguish the fire but unsuccessful and evacuated the flat, fire damage was contained to the room of origin

Area Manager Cath Toovey, said:

“Fire Sprinklers are a cost effective way of making high-rise, residential dwellings safer – they stop fires from spreading, put them out quickly, save lives and have a long working life span. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built nationally as a leading fire and rescue service for our long standing advocacy of the benefits of fire sprinklers. It’s pleasing to see that not only are housing providers understanding these benefits as well, but that they have done their job at an incident which might otherwise have been much more serious.”

This incident clearly identifies the benefits of sprinklers;

  • No injuries reported
  • Fire damage confined to room of origin
  • Flash over prevented
  • Fire was extinguished before the arrival of SYFRS

The dangers of these beauty products should not be underestimated, straighteners can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees and can take up to 40 minutes to cool down.

Sprinklers were installed on this occasion, when you compare this to the incident below the outcome could have been so much different.


Image credit, London Fire Brigade Twitter

LFB tweeted the above photograph following a fire in London in 2018 as a warning to identify how dangerous these types of products are where basic fire safety measures not followed resulting in;

  • 50% of the two roomed flat was damaged by fire
  • 25 people left the building before the arrival of the FRS
  • Sif fire appliances attended
  • 40 Firefighters

If sprinklers had been fitted the outcome could of been so much different 



26 April 2022
11:54 am - 1:05 pm


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