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Derbyshire Dwelling Sprinkler Save

24 January 2022


  • Fire Rescue Service; Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service (DFRS)
  • Location; Derby
  • Date of Incident; January 2022
  • Occupancy; Dwelling
  • Housing provider; Derby Homes
  • Location of fire; Kitchen
  • Ignition source; electrical
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System; Sprinkler System


  • Nationwide Sprinklers have reported the above-mentioned fire involving a tumble dryer.
  • One sprinkler head actuated extinguishing the fire, containing the fire to the compartment of origin. This clearly demonstrates the decision by Derby Homes to install sprinklers in all their new build properties.
  • Fire.magazine.com have reported that; DFRS has been proactively campaigning for sprinklers to be installed into all new builds and retrofitted where identified since the launch of the ‘Think Sprinkler” Campaign since January 2011.  Working with local housing providers providing match funding allowing domestic sprinklers to be fitted in the homes of those most vulnerable to fire
  • Derby Homes have been fully supportive of this campaign working with DFRS committing to fitting sprinklers into all its new build properties, retrofitting where required.
  • This approach clearly identifies the commitment/approach taken by Derby Homes to protect their tenants’ and properties from fire by the installation of sprinklers.




24 January 2022


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