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Flat, London

12 March 2020

On 12 March , LFB crews were called to a rapidly developing fire on the sixth floor external balcony of Tweed Walk Tower Hamlets – a twelve storey apartment block.
The fire spread horizontally along the balcony from the seat of the fire affecting the balcony of the adjacent dwelling. Due to the intensity of the fire the patio doors/glazing located adjacent to the seat of the fire failed.
The prompt activation of the Automatic Fire Suppression System (AFSS)restricted the fire damage to the glazing units/frames with smoke logging confined to the ceiling level of the apartment . The external fire was extinguished using a ground monitor and jets.
Over recent years the LFB Fire Investigation Team have attended a large number of incidents where fires have occurred on balconies. The cause of those fires has often been due to unsafe disposal of cigarettes by the resident which is the case for the above mentioned incident.
Without AFSS the outcome of this incident may well have been more serious with the potential for a full compartment fire which would have seriously compromised the safety of residents and firefighters. Personal contents in the apartments were virtually untouched by the fire, and no fire related injuries were reported.


12 March 2020