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Fareham Solid Recovered Fuel Facility Sprinkler Activation

14 August 2022 @ 10:59 pm

  • Fire Rescue Service; Hampshire & Isle of wight
  • Incident; fire involving, Machine plant within building 80m X 60m
  • When; 14 August 2022
  • Time of call; 10:59
  • Where, Warren Farm, Fareham
  • Use of premises; Solid Recovered Fuel, Recycling
  • Automatic fire suppression System; Sprinkler

Hampshire & Isle of wight fire and rescue service have reported the above-mentioned incident resulting in the activation of the premises industrial sprinkler system


  • The solid recovered fuel facility handling bulky materials from the household waste. recycling centre network that currently goes to landfill, as well as commercial waste.
  • Which is too large for kerbside collections or to be delivered to energy recovery facilities
  • The site contains a combination of mechanical equipment including a trommel, belt magnet, air separator, allowing a range of products for recycling and recovery so landfill is avoided.


  • 3 x Pump fire with pumping appliances, 1x Water carrier, 1x Environmental protection unit attending from local stations including Fareham, Portchester and Cosham
  • Fire within a plant bailing machine involving waste materials on conveyor belt
  • Industrial sprinkler system activated
  • Incident was handed over to site management at 13:48 hours

Sprinkler system

  • Water supply, town mains
  • Contained/controlled the fire, before the arrival of the fire rescue service
  • 2X Fire Sprinkler heads actuated

 Benefits of the sprinkler system 

  • Rapidly reduced the rate of production of heat and smoke allowing the fire service crucial time to implement their operational tactical plan
  • Fire damage was limited to the area in the vicinity of the seat of the fire

 Firefighting media

  • On arrival operational crews wearing breathing apparatus used hose reel, jet to extinguish the fire before ventilating the building using ventilation fans to clear the smoke

Business Continuity

  • This incident clearly demonstrates the importance of protecting waste, recycling centres with automatic fire suppression systems
  • Preventing a minor small fire from accelerating into a major fire with only minor disruption o the facility
  • Business interruption, less than 3 hours a previous incident on site took over 7 hours to extinguish requiring the attendance of 6 pumping appliances, 3 water carriers sprinklers were not present
  • Severe damage, loss of earnings and ongoing disruption to the business was avoided
  • If sprinklers were not fitted the outcome of the fire could have resulted in the buildings unit being either completely or partially destroyed



14 August 2022
10:59 pm


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