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Carlisle Factory Sprinkler Save

5 May 2022 @ 9:22 pm - 10:30 pm

  • Fire Rescue Service; Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service (CFRS)
  • Date of incident; 5 May 2022
  • Location; Carlisle
  • Purpose group; Single story factory
  • Time of call 21:22
  • Incident; Fire
  • Location of Incident Curing Department conveyor belt production line
  • Automatic Fire Suppression System; Sprinklers

CFRS have reported the above-mentioned incident that clearly identifies the benefits of installing a bespoke commercial sprinkler system as part of a holistic approach to protect business from the impact of a premises fire.

The Incident

Following the activation of the premises fire alarm system, it was identified that an overheated bearing in the conveyor had caught light, creating a series of knock-on events,

  • 1x sprinkler head activated
  • Premises conveyor belt automatically shut down
  • The activation of a set of fire doors on the conveyor production line preventing fire spread from the compartment of origin


  • Fire contained/extinguished prior to the arrival of CFRS
  • Fire service intervention minimal
  • Attendance of only 2 pumping appliances, crews checking for hot spots only
  • Impact on business disruption minimal
  • Estimated value of damage less than £10,000
  • Environmental impact minimal

Sprinkler system

  • 1X pendent head actuated
  • Water supply, private bore hole and reservoir

Business continuity

Is paramount, following any fire, you must ask yourself what the financial impact of the lost building is, its contents, the business disruption and jobs and the cost to the environment. Specifically in the light of the recent climate meeting in Glasgow.

On this occasion,

  • Impact on business was minimal with the production line shut for only 8 hours,
  • The sprinkler system reinstated, checked and serviced at 04:30 hours.
  • your attention is drawn to the article by Tom Roche Secretary of the business sprinkler alliance, “when a building burns down what is the cost to the environment” see link below

You have to ask the question what would the outcome of been if sprinklers had not been installed?



5 May 2022
9:22 pm - 10:30 pm


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