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26 October 2022

image credit A&F Sprinklers

  • Incident; Fire involving aluminium extrusion machinery
  • When; 26 October 2022
  • Time of incident: 14:00
  • Where, Derbyshire
  • Use of premises; Industrial
  • Fixed installation; Automatic fire suppression system (AFSS)

A&F Sprinklers have reported the above-mentioned incident resulting in the activation of the premises sprinkler system


  •  Aluminium extrusion is widely used in construction, automobile and aircraft sector, industrial machinery, and consumer goods. Since the extrusion process is a thermal process there are many sources of ignition.

The incident

  • It is reported that a fire occurred within the warehouse facility above the aluminium extrusion machinery activating 1x Sprinkler head which contained, controlled, and extinguished the fire.
  • Allowing the installation to be safely isolated following the fire by the site engineer manager.

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

  • In-house protocols were in place allowing the system to be reinstated following the incident with the replacement of the sprinkler head (Tyco TY5131) system recharged within 4 hours of the incident.
  • Every business is at risk of disruption from a variety of threats, as well as fire, these threats can include flood, loss of power or even loss of staff. 80% of businesses (without a business continuity plan) that are exposed by a major incident either never re-open or close within 18 months. Almost 1in 5 businesses suffer disruption every year
  • The importance of BCM as a holistic approach that provides a framework for building organizational resilience protecting valuable assets from fire or can significantly mitigate the effects that a fire has upon assets to achieve business continuity clearly demonstrated following this incident.
  • Careful consideration by management to understand the importance/role of fixed fire installations installed in their premises, the outcome of which will allow potential threats to be identified and addressed.




26 October 2022


Location (Town/City)
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Tyco TY5131
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A&F Sprinklers